Company Introduction:

Zanjan Acid Sazan Subsidiaries, owned by the IZMDC Corporation, were established in July, 1997 by a corporation agency Order. The Corporation is now managing 18 large and medium size industrial enterprises engaged in producing a wide range of products like Lead and Zinc concentrate and ingot, Sulfuric Acid, Nickel, Catalyst, Cathode plate and etc. The plants are located near the southern (Plant 1 – Started at 2001) and eastern (Plant 2 – Started at 2008) part of Zanjan city in Iran, are an outstanding example of a major valueadding, export-oriented product that have brought significant economic and employment benefits to the region and the nation. The plants operates a 100,000 TPY-capacity sulfuric acid production with 98.5% concentration. Both of plants are engaged in the production, sale and distribution of sulfuric acid in Iran, where those have operated for 20 years. The Company has achieved significant growth throughout its history as a result of investments made in new units, the high quality of its products, specialized services provided to their customers, an extensive sales, distribution network, a stable supply of raw materials, efficient decision-making and strategic positioning in important regional markets.


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